Coalinga – The One-Horse Town?

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To say that Coalinga is a “one-horse” town would be to do a disservice to the horse.  I think it died several years ago but no one has noticed.  Here is a picture of the owner of the horse.  I know he seems a bit perplexed.  I don’t think he has figured out that the horse is never coming home.

Our New Apartment

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Sorry.  I’ve been really negligent in writing so I’m really behind!  I’ll try to catch up and then keep current.  But I have to tell you about our apartment.  I will also post a nice picture of Michael and me in front of our new house.  The most amazing thing about the apartment is the bathroom!  The mirror is just like one of those fun house mirrors. Remember them?  You stood in front and it made you look wider than you really were? Well, that is what is happening here!  I am NOT that wide!  Then I look at myself in the mirror in our bedroom — it makes me look wavy!  Besides those issues, the apartment is very comfortable.  It’s very quiet here and very hot.  Thank G-d for air conditioning!  See my next post with pictures!

Oregon Trip

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This is pretty much the best trip EVER!!!!

Moving to Coalinga, CA

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April 28, 2010.  Nati and I drove from Tualatin, OR to Coalinga, CA today — took us 12 hours straight.  What a beautiful drive.  We took turns, stopping only for gas and gas ;-0  We arrived at my new home while it was still daylight so I had a chance to really see the area.  We are in a valley of brown surrounded by brown hills.  I was told not to expect the hills to turn green until winter returns.  A drastic change from the beautiful green in Oregon, but a beauty of its own I must say.  Our apartment (duplex) is a two-bedroom, two-bath, newly-constructed building in a complex of duplexes, townhouses, stacked or single-family homes.  There is a pool and an exercise room.  I feel like I am on vacation without the pina colada — I’m not home.  My first night…..I want to go home.  I miss my boys – 2-year-old Neelix and Spot (red-orange cats).  Please, can I go home now?


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